Worker Shortage; high paid workers retiring at an alarming rate. (STEP 1)

Worker Shortage

Retirements from power plant jobs and power plant careers throughout the nation are creating a serious worker shortage for office positions, equipment operators, mechanics, lineman, and any positions that are currently filled by a baby-boomer.

Did you know: In the next 10 years
33% of the power generation workforce will retire.

Operators are in demand!

For those seeking high paying jobs with no college degree, the anticipated shortage means excellent opportunities for applicants seeking power plant jobs, even for those without college and with no experience.

This page is positioned as STEP 1 because in order to get a high paying job in this industry, it's important to understand the the seriousness of the shortage of workers. Once you believe that jobs are available, you will understand the reason behind following the steps that can increase your chances of getting your foot in the door without a degree and with no experience. Various entry level jobs, such as office workers, janitors, lineman, mechanics, maintenance crew member, boiler operators, and equipment operators will become available throughout the United states.

Shortage of workers in California , Hawaii , Alaska , Colorado , Illinois , Florida , Michigan , and anywhere in the USA mean high paying job opportunities as the aging work force end their power plant employment. There are even shortage of workers for experienced welders, mechanics,and equipment operators; keep reading if you're interested in welding jobs , mechanic jobs , or jobs as equipment operators.

For industry management, the aging workforce will lead to staffing challenges.

But for job hunters seeking high paying jobs, the high rate of retirements over the next several years means opening for power plant jobs that have not been available for decades will be posted.

For articles about the shortage of workers, and about power plant employment opportunities for those seeking high paying jobs with no college degree, read the info/articles on the following links.

USA Today reports worker shortage in high paying industry

Shortage of workers in Texas; similar situation throughout United States

Article co-written by an Associated Press writer and a Deseret Morning News writer. The worker shortage problem in power plant jobs applies throughout 2012 as baby boomers retire ....
Power industry faces workforce shortage,

Article in the San Diego Union Tribune. The worker shortage problem will still be true as baby boomers retire in 2011 and several years beyond...
Power plant jobs need to be filled

Massive hiring campaigns underway to attract workers until 2015 as current baby boomers retire when they turn 60 years old over the next several years...
Utilities workers wanted; hiring campaigns planned

Looking for jobs for teens? Opportunities for power plant careers and power plant employment may interest you, even if you have no experience and are without a degree. University of Cincinnati introduces new programs targeting jobs in the energy industry...
Half of workers nearing the end of their power plant careers

More from the University about jobs in the energy industry. Could be good news for those seeking jobs for teens...
Recruitment for power plant jobs

How about this article from USA today. Baby boomers are retiring from many high paying industries, but more often than not, entry level jobs, especially high paying jobs with no college degree, can be found by focusing on power plant jobs in the energy industry...
Shortage of workers creates high paying job opportunities

More info on high paying jobs without college

High paying entry level jobs...This is from the IBEW union newsletter. The IBEW is a major labor union for electrical workers with power plant jobs....
Info from an electrical labor union

The retirement boom, started by the baby boomers, will continue throughout 2015. Prepare yourself for high paying entry level jobs. Many of the retiring employees started working in this field as teenagers, so this may be an interesting field for those interested in jobs for teens.

The worker shortage situation is similar throughout the United States. Click on the links below to read how the worker shortage is affecting power plant jobs across the country and how you can get your foot in the door without a degree, and with no experience.

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Now that you've read news articles from across the country it's time to take action. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of the opportunities created by retiring employees. The shortage of workers is serious. There are power plant job openings now and more are anticipated over the next several years, but if you wait you might be left behind.

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Don't let this great opportunity slip by. It doesn't cost anything. As I mentioned before, I started this website to share my story about how I got hired in a field of high paying power plant jobs and if I can do it, so can you. The articles on the links above explain the worker shortage. Now all you need to do is take action and follow through with your plans.

Visit the homepage and follow the 6 steps.

Good luck.