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The SASS test, (Support and Administration Selection System) was created by Edison Electric Institue (EEI). It is administered at electric utility companies across the United States.

The test is an assessment tool used by hiring managers to help determine if an applicant has the basic math, reading, and filing abilities to be considered for the job.

The EEI SASS test is most often used to pre-qualify applicants for office and clerical positions. If your goal is to get hired at your local power plant, this test could be your key to getting your foot in the door.

Some employers also administer a basic typing test after an applicant passes the SASS exam. Many companies have a basic typing speed requirement of 40 wpm.

Scoring high on this exam could help you get your foot in the door of high paying power plants across the country. Passing the test will prequalify you for “office jobs”, then once you “get in”, transfers to high paying careers and top jobs become available to you as “in-house" transfers.

To access the free practice EEI SASS, remember
user name: heco
password: testing

(heco testing) Then click on this link to access the free sample SASS test and exam. Then look for the "EEI Brochures" link.

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Some companies may administer a test similar to a postal clerk mail-sorting exam as part of their SASS test. Sample Postal Clerk study guides can be found at most libraries. It is not recommended that you purchase Postal test study guides.

The following links may also help you prepare for the EEI SASS Test:

Regardless of what others say, the best way to prepare for a SASS test is to practice, practice, practice with as many practice tests as you can. Remember, getting hired at your local electric company will open opportunities for entry level high paying jobs within the company, many of which do not require a college degree.

Once you get your foot in the door, inter-department transfers become available to employees BEFORE the job opening is posted to applicants outside of the company. Also, keep in mind that if you happen to fail the test, many companies only allow a re-test after 6 months.

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