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Many people know that power plant jobs at electric utility companies in the United States pay well and employees receive excellent benefits. If you are looking for USA jobs, or more specifically, if you are on a job search for high paying entry level jobs, and you don't have a college degree, this industry is where you should focus your efforts on.

It doesn't matter where you live - Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, or Miami. Power plants are found everywhere, and senior employees are retiring every year in your state.

If you’ve been using job search engines such as Yahoo Hot Jobs and Monster Jobs and still have not been hired, don't you think it's time you change your career search strategy ?

This website tells my story about how I went from low paying dead end jobs for most of my life, to an opportunity that offered entry level power plant jobs without a college degree and with no experience. Without a degree I earned $85K in my second year of employment, and this is undoubtedly my highest paying job ever.

I’m sharing my story and started this website because I thought that if I could do it, so can others. You just need to know where to look and how to increase your chances of getting hired, which includes getting familiarized with a POSS Test for operator positions, or a SASS Test for administrative and support jobs.

The POSS exam is an aptitude test to simply help employers consistently select capable, qualified individuals for certain power plant jobs. The SASS test is administered to pre-qualify applicants for office positions. The homepage has information about the steps I took.

I knew that workers at the plant with job titles such as power plant control room operator, operator helpers, and boiler operators were among the highest paid people I knew that were without a college degree. The problem was I applied for jobs there, but no one ever called. And for 20 years I just wrote it off and believed that the only way to “get in” to power plant jobs was to have inside connections. Besides everyone said that there’s no job openings – the only way a position would become vacant was if someone died. And for about two decades that was true because employees were not quitting.

But now the employment situation has changed because those workers who never thought about quitting are now being forced to retire due to old age, and that means hiring opportunities!

Twenty years after I first looked into jobs at power plants I was still frustrated with low paying dead end jobs . . . . barely living paycheck to paycheck. I'm glad I decided to do a more focused job search and reconsidered a power plant career. This industry of top paying career opportunities was great for me because a degree is not required for many high paying positions.

I don't remember how I found it, but I came across an interesting article similar to this about the worker shortage in this industry , and it has really changed my life.

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Power plants, like the one that serves my home and is less than a mile from where I live, were experiencing a worker shortage triggered by the rapid pace of baby-boomer retirements. These boomers were nearing the end of their power plant employment after 20-30 years in their power plant careers without a college degree.

The situation for power plant careers is true throughout the country, so whether you are looking for Hawaii jobs , Oregon jobs , jobs in California , Missouri jobs, Iowa jobs, jobs in Michigan, New York jobs, Maine jobs, , or doing a Wisconsin job search , the worker shortage situation applies. And the way I recommend to get into the field of power plant careers is to do what I did, and that is to follow the steps on the high paying jobs homepage.

To make a long story short, I went from $24K per year in my old job to $85K in the second year of my power plant job. And because of the retirement exodus, it wasn’t too difficult to get hired for entry level jobs, even with no experience and without a college degree.

Follow the steps I took to get into the field of power plant jobs and you too could have a high paying job with no college degree.

For many years I knew that utility companies was a good place for power plant careers and power plant employment, but I never thought that I would one day get hired for one of the power plant jobs that became vacant due to a retirement. Now that I’ve been here for 6 years I feel this is the best industry for top paying careers and alternatives to college.

The following video is very old, but informative. These types of burners are still in use today. It shows how an oil burner produces the flame which boils water to produce the steam that eventually spins a turbine to produce electricity.

If you are open minded and exploring income options outside of the power supply industry, click here to find out about work from home jobs / stay at home jobs.

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