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Starting a Local Job Search should be enjoyable, and it can be. Forget the thought that "there are no jobs in my area". After reading this article, I hope you will be convinced that the myth of "no high paying jobs in my area" is not true.

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Whether you are a young graduate looking for high paying jobs for teens, jobs for college students, or bored with your current job and just curious about which are the highest paying jobs without a degree, I think you'll find valuable information on this high-paying-jobs-with-no-college-degree website.

To get my advice to work for you, you must understand that the United States cannot survive without electricity, and it is a
popular belief that employees at electrical utility companies (office workers, equipment operators, and janitors to name a few) are among the highest paid employees with no college degree.

Many people also have the attitude that getting into a utility company is next to impossible...and there was merit to that belief because for the past 30 years it was true. It was true for one simple reason: baby boomers who got hired 30 years ago loved their high paying jobs, so they never left. But now older workers are retiring and their positions need to be filled.

The tide is changing and a variety of power plant jobs are becoming available at a rate unheard of over the past 30 years. The reason: age. Think about this, how long can an employee continue to work at the job he/she loves?....Only as long as their age and health allows them to. That means the current baby boomers will be forced to retire by the thousands across the 50 United States, and that is good news for your local job search.

And in a good or bad economy, the United States cannot survive without electricity. We need lights, heaters, traffic lights - heck, we basically need our phones! That means the thousands of employees who will be forced to retire NEED to be replaced to keep the electricity flowing, resulting in opportunity for job seekers like you. Even those looking for jobs for teens will find valuable information within this site. Learn how to increase your chances of getting hired. Remember as job openings become available, hundreds of applicants will apply, but you can increase your chance of getting hired over the hundreds of other applicants by doing what I did. The steps will help put your local job search in high gear.

Before I got hired in this high paying industry, I had no experience working in an electrical power company. In fact, I had no clue how electricity was generated, but I was still hired . . . and without any “inside connections”. All of my training was learned on-the-job. I got this high paying power plant job with no college degree because I was prepared, open-minded, and had a desire to learn. And it all paid off...I earned over $85K in my second year (2008).

Electricity is everywhere, and most Americans cannot live without it. But despite the dependence on electricity, most people do not know where their electricity comes from, nor do they know where the offices and power plants that supply their city are located. There are several hundred electrical company workers for every 100,000 thousand residents, and many of them throughout the country will be retiring over the next few years. There are ways to increase your chances of filling the power plant jobs of retiring workers.

Here are some tips that can get your local job search started in the right direction towards high paying jobs with no college degree. Before I mention some of the best places to start your local job search, here are four basic tips you should consider:

1) Leave your ego at home. Enough said.

2) Examine your personality. The goal of your local job search is to meet someone who can give you leads to a job. That person will most likely be a person you've never met before, so remember to make a good first impression........and that usually starts with your personality (and leaving your ego at home). No one can emphasize this better than Earl Nightingale in the book How to win friends and influence people.

You can also find great information from this website called Job Search Cafe. Click on their link below.

 Job Search Ad 3) Practice making conversations with strangers. The person you meet on your job search who will give you a chance to get a high paying job will need to feel positive about your first meeting........so work on a good first impression....this is where your conversation skills will pay off for your local job search.

4) Carry a pen and notepad, and think

positive. This best selling book "The Secret", by Rhonda Byrne explains it best.

These four tips may not sound important, but think about this.....you are starting your employment search for high paying jobs. Remember that no one will just "give" you a job, and no one owes you one....you must earn it, or at least earn the respect of the person who can give you a chance to perform the job.

The two books I mentioned above helped me get my $85,000 a year job. Read it, and apply the principles, then watch your life change right before your eyes.

Before continuing to STEP 6, you may find it interesting to visit the Job Search Cafe where you'll find useful information about finding a job. When you're done, continue on to STEP 5.

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