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Top jobs in my area were difficult to find when I was unemployed just a few years ago. Trying to find the best paying jobs was even more difficult without a college degree and with no experience.

In my desperate search for the best jobs in my area, I considered filling out a Wal-Mart job application. But as I look back I sure am glad that I didn't pursue Wal-Mart jobs. Instead, I discovered the high paying industry of power plant jobs . This industry offers some of the best paying jobs and I now earn more than $30 per hour, which is more than 3 times what I would have earned if I got hired for WalMart jobs.

If your are looking for the best paying jobs, I suggest you consider checking out the power plant industry where power plant jobs are becoming available as thousand of baby boomers retire from their power plant careers across the United States. Click on the Homepage link below for more information. Some plants even offer part time jobs.

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Just a couple of years ago I was on a job hunt. . . without college, no experience, and looking for jobs that paid at least $25 per hour. Luckily I came across the electric power supply industry (this industry is currently experiencing a worker shortage ) and got my foot in the door. I now earn over $80 thousand dollars a year, and remember - that's without college.

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Or if you're not interested in working in a power plant, you may want to consider work at home jobs . On this link you will find videos of successful entrepreneurs who work from the comfort of their own home.