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If you are searching for high paying job opportunities in Hawaii without a college degree, (such as equipment operators, customer service, bookkeepers, mechanics, meter readers, to name a few) there are a few things to consider. First of all, the cost of living in Hawaii is higher than many other parts of the United States, so it is very difficult to survive the high cost of living with minimum wage employment. However, there is good news for those seeking jobs in the USA, especially Hawaii jobs that do not require a college degree. So keep reading and explore the links throughout this site where you'll find information about entry level jobs without college, even for applicants with no experience.

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Over the next few years, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) and Maui Electric Company (MECO) are anticipating many employees to retire. The higher than usual retirement rate will create entry level employment opportunities that have not been common over the past several decades. HECO and MECO are known throughout the islands to be a well respected high paying employer, and many of the employment opportunities for entry level power plant jobs in Hawaii are offered for applicants with no experience.

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To help increase your chance of finding employment in power plant jobs in Hawaii, follow the steps suggested on the homepage. Among the links you will find out how I went from a low paying dead end job, to a position at an electrical power plant that pays over $80,000 a year....I was hired at $19/hour, and in less than 12 months I was on my way to my first year of over $85,000. My rapid progression was due to the high rate of retirements that is occurring throughout the company....each time someone retired, I basically "moved up" and got a raise, and someone was hired to replace me. A power plant job opening becomes available
each time someone "moves up" in position or retires, and that opening is often filled by someone without a degree.

Various types of high paying jobs with no college degree are available, and the demand for these jobs in Hawaii is higher than supply, so you must be prepared to make it through the hiring process if you are serious about finding high paying employment in Hawaii. To increase your chances of getting hired, start by clicking on this link to the homepage . It will guide you through a series of steps (which includes free sample career test such as a POSS test and a SASS test.) And be sure to take the free sample career tests, and read the page about the POSS test....Passing the MECO POSS test is what got me a high paying job without college.

(Learning about a POSS Test could give you an advantage in getting hired in this high paying industry.)

Following the suggested steps on the homepage will increase your chances of getting into the high paying power supply industry. And if you are serious about your job search, doesn't it make sense to explore industries that have high job salaries ?

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