High Paying Jobs In Virginia Available. Great Employment Opportunity For Applicants Without A College Degree.

NEWS: Jobs in Virginia Created with Stimulus Funds

NEWS: Jobs In Virginia For Veterans

Employment opportunities in Virginia with great pay and benefits are now available! About a year ago, like you, I was searching for a good paying job. But I was discouraged at my results - things weren’t looking good. I started searching at Monster Jobs and Yahoo Hot Jobs but the search results were mostly low paying jobs that just didn’t pay what I needed to make to stay afloat. It seemed like I kept running into dead ends.

I don’t have a college degree, and job opportunities seemed to be limited, but I happened to meet an old friend (who had a high paying job) and that meeting changed my life. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something about power plant jobs and a test, but the thing that got me interested was the mention of high pay without a degree. And you know what I discovered? Utility companies are hiring hundreds of workers throughout the country and they don’t even require a college degree!

I think you should seriously consider applying for great paying jobs in Virginia that are being offered by utility companies as baby-boomers retire. Their retirement are causing a worker shortage for power plant jobs. We’re talking about quality jobs that offer great pay and benefits, with opportunity to advance and build a real career.

In just a moment I will tell you how this job opportunity came to exist, but for now, here are a few of the positions available to both men and women as a utility company employee: Secretary, Vehicle Attendant, Heavy Equipment Operator, Boiler Operator, Vehicle Attendant, Meter Mechanic, Meter Reader, Payroll Clerk, Trainer, Lineman, Human Resources Clerk, and Janitor. There are many other positions open and this list is just an example of possibilities for power plant careers and power plant employment.

The time is right to get into this field of high paying jobs in Virginia . Here’s why our utility companies are making so many career positions available to people like us without a college degree, and that includes jobs in Alexandria.

• As the population of Virginia increases, so does the demand for electricity.

• Existing power plants can’t keep up with demand and therefore need extensive upgrades

• Power plants are either under construction or in the upgrading stages in the state of Virginia

• Thousands of miles of power lines have to be replaced every year due to aging and the weather

• Because of an aging workforce and mandatory retirement rules, the utilities are losing hundreds of experienced workers every year, and they have to be replaced

• There is a company called Fool.com in Alexandria, and since their inception they've been growing (worldwide), even as the economy heads South. Because of their growth, guess what? Their demand for electricity also indirectly heads North.

If working at the local utility company in Alexandria doesn't interest you, maybe a fun career at Fool.com would. Check out their employment link , where their website states:

" No suits. No neckties. No pantyhose. No problem if you want to puzzle out a dilemma playing pool, ping-pong, or Ms. Pac-Man. (The game room is always open.) Take the time to shop online or set your fantasy line up, just do your job and do it well. We trust you."

And you'll find this description on their Motley Fool employment benefits page : "Work like a grown-up. A Fool's work is never done, but that doesn't mean we work all the time. As a general rule, Fools start their day about 9:30 am. Lots of Fools work a standard 40-50 hour workweek. But we recognize that everyone is different. We try to stay flexible. Working with your supervisors, you can customize your work schedule to meet the particular demands of your job."

SBI work at home jobs link

And as I am sure you can imagine, power plants are complex and require a lot of people to keep them running, so the utility companies simply must create new employment opportunities in Virginia to help manage our power plant system. And the laws of supply and demand are working in your favor and are making these high paying jobs in Virginia relatively easy to qualify for.

Although these high paying jobs don’t require a degree, passing a test called the POSS test could increase your chances of getting hired. Please

don’t let one test be a deterrent to keep you from applying for jobs in Virginia. The test isn’t very difficult and this site has great POSS Test practice questions which will help you pass the POSS exam. So don’t worry about that at all. It’s just not a big deal! In my case, just a few hours a week of prep time was all it took.

After preparing for the test, another thing to prepare for was a job interview. I researched job interview questions and job interview tips to make sure that I interviewed well, and I guess I did because I got the job that I applied for! Please consider this opportunity, because with all of my job searching, I never found anything better than employment in the power plant industry – not even close! If you want to know more, start your power plant job search by clicking on the homepage button on the left side of this page.

Good luck on your search for jobs in Virginia.

But if you’re not interested in a power plant job, information is available at both of these links: work from home jobs or stay at home jobs for people looking for home based jobs and workdays when you can sleep in.

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