Jobs In North Carolina. No College Degree Needed.

Great news! Jobs in North Carolina are available if you just know where to look! If you are thinking about making a career change, or if you are looking to start your first career – one that doesn’t require a college degree, then consider this your lucky day!

Despite the troubled economy, North Carolina actually has a high number of great paying jobs available. They also offer more opportunity for advancement than most positions available today in other states. Now here’s the question: have you ever considered working for a utility company ? If not, you should strongly consider it! Our country’s need for electricity mandates that we upgrade most of the power plants, and build dozens more, including many in North Carolina! And with new power plants come power plant jobs and power plant careers.

So with this much demand, you would think that the utility company’s wouldn’t let people go. Well, thanks to natural process of aging, people have to retire! So despite the need for workers, thousands of retiring workers leave their high paying power plant jobs each year. Their loss is your gain! Your timing is great to get into this field of high paying power plant jobs. Even if your search at Monster Jobs or Yahoo Hot Jobs didn’t turn up the right job opportunity, that’s ok, because you’re here now!

Anyway, the power industry constantly needs new people like you to fill these jobs in North Carolina. Most of these power plant jobs carry some responsibility and authority, but they don’t require a college degree. Many power plants prequalify some applicants with a POSS Test , which you should familiarize yourself with. Once you do, you’ll be one step closer to getting your foot in the door. After that, it’s easier to transfer to different positions. Here are just some of the positions available to give you an idea:

High paying jobs no college degree ad

• Boiler operators – a great position with high pay

• Meter mechanics – if you’re better with machines than with people

• Lineman – install the poles and wires that carry electricity

• Meter readers – if you like to be outdoors much of the time

• Payroll clerks – this one is great if you like working with numbers

• Secretaries – if you enjoy working at a desk

• Janitors – this can actually be an easy job

Many power plant jobs in North Carolina pay a great salary, starting at thirty thousand and going up to about eighty-five thousand dollars a year, even without a college degree. That is rare and that’s why you should seriously consider this opportunity. Other than preparing for the test, your other focus should be preparing for was a job interview. I know this may seem nerve-wracking, but it’s really not a big deal as long as you follow the tips found on the links on this page.

What I did was research job interview questions and scoured websites about job interview tips , and I got the job I wanted… The same can happen to you if your goal is to find jobs in the power industry, specifically jobs in North Carolina. And the benefits are the best I have ever had. This even includes a 401K account so I am now finally saving for retirement!

I started this website because not too long ago, I was in your same situation - searching for high paying jobs with no college degree. My Internet searches actually turned up too much information but most of it was garbage! So that’s why I created this site - to give you quality resources so you can start your power plant job search immediately. Remember, if you are growing tired of job searches, click here now to make your search for jobs in North Carolina reap big rewards! On this site, you’ll find great opportunities for employment in North Carolina and guidance on finding jobs for teenagers .

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