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Top paying entry level jobs in Maine seem harder to come by today, especially positions that pay over $25 per hour. But did you know that those jobs are available if you know where to look? Are you currently unemployed? Did you just graduate from high school and now find yourself looking for jobs for teenagers ? Are you simply bored at your present job and want a job opportunity that gives you stability and growth potential? No experience? Without a college degree?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then it is time to close out the Yahoo Hot Jobs and Monster Jobs searches and start looking into a productive industry that has been allowing for stable employment to generations of employees. No matter why you are looking for Jobs in Maine, there is an opportunity that offers a greater starting salary (many jobs pay more than $25 per hour)than the average American worker even if you have no experience or are without a degree. And these good paying jobs also come with excellent medical and retirement benefits.

If you're interested to learn about power plant careers and opportunities for power plant employment you've come to the right website. The power supply industry is searching for individuals who are motivated to enter this field of high paying entry level jobs. Our homes and our businesses are powered by electricity. Without it, many of the tasks that we are required to perform on a daily basis would be hindered.

Power plant employees know that they hold highly appreciated positions and many of them have enjoyed working for power plants for the last thirty years to forty years! And their years of service is creating a great employment opportunity for you because many of the baby boomers are now preparing to leave their power plant jobs in Maine as they head into retirement. Opportunities for some of the best jobs and best careers are becoming available.

For the past 3 decades, jobs openings in this industry were hard to find because people who held them never quit. Why would they? They had excellent pay and great benefits. But now, because of their age, they are forced to retire and this leaves a wide range of high paying power plant jobs ready to be filled, and applicants with no experience and without college will be considered.

Top paying jobs in this industry include:

• payroll clerks

• boiler operators

• meter readers

• janitors

• secretaries

• lineman

• meter mechanics

• customer service

• operator helpers

Power plants require many different types of workers in order to keep the company functioning. . Learning about this test can give you a lift in getting hired for certain entry level power plant jobs in this high paying industry.

If you are serious about your search for power plant jobs in Maine I highly suggest taking a POSS Test . The test helped me to get myself back on track when I needed a new career.

This site has been created to help you with your Jobs in Maine search. When I stumbled across the power supply industry I wanted to make sure that I was a good fit. I was happy to see that jobs were offered to applicants without a college degree and that the starting pay range range was between $30K - $85K per year.

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In the beginning, I was concerned that I would not be a good fit and that it would be extremely difficult to obtain a power plant job, but with preparation from a practice POSS Test it wasn’t as difficult to get in as I had expected. The POSS test practice made it less stressful.

Putting my worries and concerns to aside, I learned some strong job interview tips and practiced job interview questions . It was difficult to believe that I was brought into a new high paying career without college and with no experience. I was even promoted within a year to a position that it took my predecessor over ten years to get.

During my second year of employment (2008), in my promoted position, I made over $85K without a degree. This story can also become your reality because the retirement rate is higher than it's been in the past 3 decades and power plant managers are concerned that they will not be able to fill positions fast enough...see the news articles on the worker shortage page.

As you venture your way through this site, you will learn how to make yourself stand apart from other applicants, how to interview with poise and confidence, how to get your job search on the right track, and how to convince the hiring manager that you are the best applicant for the position.

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