Incredible Jobs in Las Vegas That Aren’t a Gamble! Find Careers in Vegas in This High Paying Industry.

Are you looking for jobs in Las Vegas that pays well but don’t want to be trapped in a hotel or casino all day, serving tourists? That’s how I felt last year, as I sat at home, typing in job searches on the Internet desperately looking for a good paying job.

Las Vegas is growing, but so many of the job listings are for dead end jobs in the hospitality and entertainment industry, and my gut told me that wasn’t the career for me. My heart was set on high paying careers, so like everyone else, I started Googling for “high paying jobs” but got way too many results, so I switched my job search over to the Monster Jobs website, but didn’t find what I was looking for their either. For a while it seemed like all the job search sites focused on low paying employment.

What I was finding was that the right job opportunity seemed to require a college degree, which I don’t have. I tried searching on Yahoo Hot Jobs , but the results were pretty similar to everything else I had found. I later found out about high paying power plant jobs with no college degree and the rest is history.

I created this website to share my experience so you, too, can find a high paying career with no college degree. Jobs at electric power companies are similar throughout the United States because baby boomers who held their power plant careers for decades are now forced to retire. Out with the old and in with the new...and the new could be you!

Here is a short list of jobs in Las Vegas that become available as older employees retire. They are broken down into two categories:

For working indoors:

• customer service reps

• trainers

• payroll clerks

• secretaries and administrative assistants

• janitors

For working outdoors:

• meter readers

• meter mechanics

• lineman

• heavy equipment operators

• construction team members

• vehicle attendants (among others)

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There are many other positions available, and rapid promotions are very common as senior workers end their power plant employment.

The best part is that once you are “in” with a utility company, you are “in” as long as you want, or until retirement age. You can easily transfer or change positions or if you need to, you can move to another area in Nevada and still find great work in the industry.

These positions are available, in part, because the power plant work force is aging. Many workers are at or near retirement age, so to compensate, the power industry constantly needs to hire new people like you. Becoming familiar with a basic skills test called a POSS test can increase your chance of getting hired for some of the entry level positions.

You have to understand that these are respectable jobs in Las Vegas - high paying power plant careers. If you truly want an opportunity, you'll have to put in just a bit of effort. In other words, it will benefit you to follow the guidance on the homepage, but it will definitely pay off in the end! If you want a stable high paying job, for the long haul, then this is ideal for you. Power plant jobs in Las Vegas pay better than nearly every (legal) non-college degree option.

An overview of what to do:

Step One: Read the homepage

Step Two: POSS Test preparation – do some research and get test prep materials and go over them. This site is a great resource for that.

Step Three: Take the time to research job interview questions and some job interview tips so that you are thoroughly prepared for your job interview(s).

When power plant jobs become available you will be one step ahead of many of the other applicants. Work from home jobs or stay at home jobs are also available to you if the idea of working from your home office interests you more.

Good luck on your search for jobs in Las Vegas!


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