Jobs In Kentucky For Those Without A College Degree!

There are many jobs in Kentucky. And even if your search at Monster Jobs or Yahoo Hot Jobs didn’t turn up the right job opportunity, that’s okay, because you’re here now! If you are considering a career change, or if you are looking to start your first career – one that doesn't require a college degree, then consider this your lucky day! You came to the right place because this site will help you find great paying jobs in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Information on the best jobs and careers in Kentucky can be found here. Keep reading.

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One thing that isn’t ever affected by a recession is our need for electricity, and Kentucky is no exception. Now here’s something to ask yourself: have you ever considered working for a utility company – specifically, a power company? If not, you should consider it! Here’s why: Our country’s incredible and always growing need for electricity mandates that we upgrade most of the power
plants in the state, and build many new plants in and around Kentucky! That requires a lot of people putting in a lot of hours, which means someone is going to earn that income. New electrical plants mean power plant jobs and power plant careers. This industry will be hiring and why not let it be you? Consequently, Kentucky actually has a high number of great paying jobs available. These are respectable jobs that are the start of a great career, if that’s what you want. Many power plant jobs in Kentucky pay more than most positions available to people in the US who don’t have a college degree. Of course, if you have some college, that’s great, but it’s not mandatory by any means.

With a high demand, Kentucky power companies need workers to operate the machinery, so you would think that they wouldn’t let people go. Well, thanks to Social Security rules and physical capability requirements people have to retire at a certain age! So despite the need for workers, thousands of retiring workers are leaving these high paying jobs each year. They create hundreds of open positions every month as they exit their power plant careers. Their loss is your gain! Your timing is great to get into this field filled with high paying jobs.

Anyway, to fill these jobs in Kentucky, the power industry constantly needs new people like you. One skill that could help you get hired for certain entry level jobs is to pass a POSS test. Once you do, you’ll be a step closer to getting hired. Here are just some of the positions available to give you an idea:

Sample Outdoor Positions

• Equipment operators – learn on the job

• Boiler operators – control the boiler to produce steam

• Meter mechanics – if you’re better with machines than with people

• Lineman – install the poles and wires that carry electricity

• Meter readers – if you like to be outdoors much of the time

Sample Indoor Positions

• Payroll clerks – this one is great if you like working with numbers

• Secretaries – probably the easiest position of them all

• Training Coordinators – help train on safety and other issues

• Janitors – this can actually be a pretty easy and fun job

Power plant jobs in Kentucky pay a great salary. Many positions start at thirty thousand dollars and go up to about eighty or eighty-five thousand dollars a year, and that’s without holding a college degree.

Salaries like that without a degree are rare and that’s why you should seriously consider this opportunity to get into the field of power plant careers and power plant employment.

The other thing, besides studying for the POSS test was to research job interview questions and read job interview tips . That gave me confidence for my first interview, and I got the job I wanted. And don’t even worry about the benefits aspect, utility companies have great benefit packages, including 401k accounts. Honestly, the benefits are the best I have ever had.

I started this website because I know what it’s like to be in your situation looking for better paying jobs. I was once in your position - going through paper ads and searching for jobs on different sites. My Internet searches actually turned up too much information but most of it was outdated or misleading. So that’s why I created this site - to give you quality resources so you can start your power plant job search immediately.

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Good luck on your hunt for jobs in Kentucky


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