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NEWS: Everyone is looking forward to better employment opportunities in California without college, and you probably are looking to move in a new direction. Well, there's good news for you - if you know where to look!

California is the eighth largest economy in the world, so if you are looking for something better, you are in luck. There is a great opportunity here for jobs in California (many are top paying jobs that pay over $25 per hour) that offer fantastic pay and more opportunity for advancement than most positions available today in the rest of the country.

As the population swells, so does the need for electricity! It seems that the United States has an insatiable appetite for energy consumption. Even if your searches at Monster Jobs or Yahoo Hot Jobs didn’t turn up the right job opportunity, don’t lose hope.

New power plants are needed to keep up with this demand, and the older power plants need to be upgraded to handle the larger demand. And thousands of retiring workers leave these high paying entry level power plant jobs each year and this creates opportunities for some of the best jobs in California, even for applicants with no experience! Power plant employment opportunities haven’t looked better for decades.

The power supply industry is always struggling to keep up, and that means that the power industry constantly needs new people to fill these top paying jobs in California. The timing has never been better to get into this field of high paying power plant jobs because all of the baby-boomers who held their jobs for 30-40 years are ending their power plant careers as they head into retirement.

Power plants are dynamic environments. They need a large variety of workers to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Here is a sampling of some of the best jobs in California, many of which are offered to applicants with no experience:

1. Lineman – install the poles and wires that carry electricity

2. Payroll clerks – this one is great if you like working with numbers

3. Meter readers – if you like to be outdoors much of the time

4. Secretaries – probably the easiest position of them all

5. Boiler operators – if you are physically fit this is a great career

6. Janitors – we all know what they do

7. Meter mechanics – if you’re better with machines than with people

I started this website to provide help with your California job search, because not too long ago, I was in your same situation - searching for jobs in California that had good career potential. My Internet searches actually turned up too much information! But I thought a college degree was required to get a high salary and I knew I couldn’t afford the tuition.

Did you know that many power plant jobs in California pay between thirty thousand and eighty-five thousand dollars a year? When I found out, I assumed that I wouldn’t “measure up” without a college degree. But when I learned that the hiring was largely based on passing a POSS test (also know as an EEI POSS Test), I figured that if I just prepared myself for the test, I would be OK. And I was right!

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One thing you need to know is that passing a POSS test can help you land some entry level jobs. Other than preparing for the test, another thing to prepare for is a job interview. So I researched job interview questions and scoured websites about job interview tips , and I did very well! I got the job I wanted! So don’t give up! Jobs in California are available in the power industry just as they are throughout the United States.

About ten months later an employee in the position above me retired, and I got a promotion and my salary was significantly increased! And did I mention that these benefits are the best I have ever had? It even includes a 401K account so I am now finally saving for retirement!

I want you to experience success too! There are great resources you need are here on this website. Start your power plant job search and learn how to set yourself apart by handling your interview like a pro. It’s not hard. You just have to make a decision to go for it.

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