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Teenagers between 16 and 19 years old who are looking for great employment opportunities are the perfect age to enter this industry and take advantage of the variety of entry level positions that pay well and offers great opportunities.

Forget the classified employment ads in your local paper.

Yes, it's true that a college degree may give you more career choices, but did you know that high paying jobs in the electrical power industry (the companies that provide electricity to your home)often pay more than $25/hour to start. That's more than many college graduates earn right out of school!

Contrary to popular belief, power plant jobs for teens in this industry are available and preparation needed for them is minimal. You don't even need a college degree to get your foot in the door, and some plants even offer summer jobs.

The electrical power industry is experiencing a high rate of retirement over the next several years. Workers in this industry who have once been employed as equipment operators, clerks, janitors, boiler operators, technicians, bookkeepers, mechanics, landscapers, and truck drivers are turning 55 to 65 years old and are being forced to retire due to their age. Many of these employees were teenagers without college degrees when they first entered the field of power plant jobs, and they remained loyal to the company for over 30 years. . Once they "got in", many of them never quit their jobs because it was excellent income at such a young age. With no one quitting, job openings over the past three decades were rare. But now the job outlook is changing and this is the perfect time for new workers to prepare themselves to get into this industry because the teenagers who got hired 20 to 30 years ago are now facing retirement.

The cycle of hiring young people to replace the older workers is starting again. The next wave of new hires will probably be long term employees because of the excellent pay and benefits. Once the vacated positions get filled, the next hiring cycle won't start until the new employees near retirement, and that won't be for another few decades.

What can a teenager do today? You can start by visiting the homepage and follow the steps as suggested. It could lead to high paying jobs in this industry for the remainder of your lifetime. Many other power plant jobs within an electrical power company pay more than $30 per hour after promotions. Some positions include engine room workers, lineman, and maintenance positions at hydroelectric power plants.

POSS Test Practice Book Sales Page 2 Link

One key to finding best jobs for teens in this industry is the POSS Test. This test, which stands for Plant Operator Selection System, is used to choose new employees for electrical industry jobs. Teens looking for work in this industry don't need to be any more skilled than what the test requires. So, studying extensively for the POSS is a perfect way to get your foot in the door.

Another option available for anyone looking for employment for teenagers is starting your own internet business. If this is something you're interested, visit the video linked here for more information.

During your search for teen jobs, it would really benefit you to learn all you can about competing for job openings. Teens face a great challenge because of their inexperience, or lack of job history, especially in a tough job market where they are also competing for jobs with adults. Click on this link to learn tips about a POSS Test so you can get an edge in competing against adults.

Many adults think they know it all so they don't practice, and that's why 90 percent of them fail the test. Stay one step ahead of them and you can greatly increase your chances of getting high paying jobs for teens. Think positive and imagine yourself being the replacement for a retiring employee .... out with the old, in with the new.

The electrical power company industry is unique in that it does not get tethered to the rise and fall of the economy. Other high paying jobs out there might turn into lucrative opportunities but when the stock market crashes, so too does the job market. For a teenager interested in a job option that pays well and has solid security over time, power plant jobs and power plant careers are among the best options available today. Unless you're a risk taker and want to learn how to make money investing in stocks.

Additionally, because many of these jobs union or government subsidized they come attached with tremendous benefits. That includes health care for your family, vacation time, sick pay, and tremendous care for you as you age and advance in the system. There are few companies that offer jobs for teenagers with good benefits anymore - electric power companies are one of them.

The opportunities for power plant jobs are similar throughout the United States as these articles explain: Alaska jobs, Florida job search, Houston jobs, Minnesota jobs, Michigan jobs, Nevada jobs, Pennsylvania jobs.

POSS Test With No Link ad Don't let the few steps involved scare you away from a high paying job. What are your other options if you choose not to try for this high paying industry?....A college degree? That could take 4 years. A construction job? That industry bounces with the economy, and layoffs are common. Try the electrical power industry - everyone needs electricity all the time, and the population is growing. And because the demand for electrical devices is always increasing, layoffs from power plant jobs are virtually unheard of. Once a new hire gets in, he/she typically stays for the long term.

Explore this site by starting on the homepage. It may lead to high paying jobs for teens that you've been dreaming about. Some people even consider this employment opportunity as easy high paying jobs. And who may even end up getting paid more than your parents. Finding good paying teen jobs is possible if you know where to look. And the industry that offers power plant jobs and power plant careers is a good place to focus on for you job search.

Also of interest if you are searching for jobs for teens:

Your hobbies and interests could help you in your next job, or even

lead you to a career you’ll love. If you've read this far and still haven't clicked to the homepage, am I right to say that you're skeptical? Or is it because you just need more information?

If you're skeptical, what can you lose by simply doing the suggested steps to improve your chance of getting a choice of high paying jobs for teens. It won't cost you a dime.

The worst that can happen is that you won't learn anything from my guidance about how to increase your chances of getting hired. The best that can happen is that you'll be prepared to get a high paying entry level position, take the entry level exam along with older applicants who never prepared, and get lucky and pass the test for power plant jobs.

If that happens, you'll be one step closer to your dream of getting hired with no college degree and possibly getting paid over $25 per hour.

Many other teenagers (and adults) would envy your position! Imagine...securing one of the best paying jobs for teens - and without the need for a college degree.

Yes, many power plants don't require college degrees for positions such as lineman, office workers, machine operators, mechanics, and landscapers. Training is done on the job. No college Degree required. Now how's that for job for teens?

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste any more time - go ahead and follow the steps on the homepage. Another thing you can also do is to call the human resources department of your local power plant that provides your home with electricity. Most plants are located just a few miles away.

Ask for an email address to get some questions answered pertaining to power plant jobs for teens. Questions like: Will upcoming retirements create job opening in the near future? Are jobs for teens available, even with no college degree?

Think of other questions that pertain to your situation. I'm sure you'll get favorable answers. Good luck.

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