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Are you in the market for top Utah jobs?

I’m here to share with you information on Utah jobs that are perfect for someone who is unemployed after being laid off in this declining economy, or for anyone simply considering a career change after years in a dead end job. There’s even information for those seeking jobs for teens. The jobs are in an industry that I personally vouch for, as I myself have been blessed to work within it for the past couple of years.

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When I first came to this industry I knew very little about it, and in fact had preconceived notions and was intimidated to pursue employment in an unfamiliar line of work. And quite frankly, I was pretty desperate, so I overlooked these initial qualms, and found that once I better understood what it took to get hired, my fears were completely unfounded. I’m now working a challenging job that I enjoy, and my goal of this website is to help others do the same, so they too can enjoy the benefits of a high paying job.

I was fortunate to get hired due to the mass exodus of baby-boomers who are being forced out of the workforce due to old age. Their exit opened career opportunities for younger applicants looking for high paying jobs with no college degree. There’s excellent job security and great health benefits for myself and my family, and I earn a paycheck that is well beyond the average in the American workforce; in 2008 I earned over $85,000 (and that was without a college degree, and only my second year in the industry).

When I first looked into this field, one of the first things I came across was the POSS test, and its importance for placing people within the proper fields of work in this industry, and the weight it carried with employers in that line of work. Learning about and maximizing your results on this test is an important goal, and one I aim to accomplish through my website.

Employment opportunities in this industry include:

• Meter Readers

• Meter Mechanics

• Janitors/building maintenance

• Lineman

• Secretaries

• Boiler Operators

• Payroll Clerks

Click here to see current career openings for jobs throughout Utah's electric utility companies.

With more and more people getting old in this industry and leaving their high paying jobs behind for the next generation to take up, this is the perfect time to get your foot in the door.

From jobs on Maui to jobs in Syracuse , there’s room for advancement at electric companies across the USA, and that includes opportunities for careers in Utah, regardless of education or past work history. And this hiring opportunity may last for the next several years, but only until the greater majority of the baby-boomers exit the workforce due to retirement.

After that, the hiring will slow down until the newly hired start retiring - probably several decades from now. If you think about it, it’s all part of a cycle: hired for a good paying job, work for decades in that top career, then retire from that high paying job without college. And the cycle starts again, and we are currently in the first part of the cycle.

Please visit the linked site for more information on how you too can enter this exciting field of Utah jobs. I’ll share with you some important ways to increase your chances of getting hired, interviewing tips as they apply specifically to this industry, as well as tips for passing the POSS test (which really isn’t that difficult if you practice).

Remember, “getting in” is competitive because hundreds of applicant often apply for a single position, but I found a way to increase an applicant’s chance of getting hired for Utah jobs…that’s why I started this website; to help others get a high paying job by sharing the steps I took.

Information about

upcoming Utah jobs is just a click away. Don’t wait a moment longer to get info about this excellent opportunity for high paying jobs that only happens once every few decades.

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