Some Of The Highest Paying PA Jobs Can Be Found In This Industry. Without A Degree? No Experience?....No Problem!

Some of the best paying PA jobs without a degree can be found in an industry that offers a wide range of jobs including office jobs, mechanical jobs, and operator jobs. But to find these PA jobs you need to know where to look. And the place to look isn’t on Monster Jobs or Yahoo Hot Jobs . The best paying and highest paying jobs these days are within the utility companies, and they rarely post job openings on the web.

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The utility companies are the companies that run the power plants and supply electricity to homes and business throughout the country. Because of hot summers and cold winters, and a growing population, new power plants are needed to keep up with the growing demand for
electricity. And on top of that, older power plants need to be upgraded to meet new requirements and to satisfy the higher demand. So this creates high paying PA jobs that are practically yours for the asking. And the power plants have another huge problem that works to your benefit. Thousands of retiring workers leave these high paying jobs each year, which creates a great opportunity for you. They create dozens of new positions every day that pay well and allow you to live well, even as a younger person without a college degree.

The timing has never been better to get into this field of high paying PA jobs. Entry level jobs in the utility industry have salaries starting at $30,000 and pay as high as $85,000 a year with overtime. These positions have a full benefits package including 401k plans. It doesn’t really get any better than that for people who don’t have a four year college degree. And even better news for those without a degree and want a job that pays more than $25 per hour is that once you get your foot in the door, you can transfer to other top paying power plant jobs as older employees retire.

Power plants are large and complex, and they are also connected to each other by thousands of miles of power lines, which are in need of constant maintenance. Here is a sampling of positions offered:

Boiler operators – if you are physically fit this is a great option

Lineman – install the poles and wires that carry electricity

Payroll clerks – this one is great if you like working with numbers

Meter readers – if you like to be outdoors much of the time

Meter mechanics – if you’re better with machines than with people

Secretaries – probably least physical position of them all

Vehicle attendant – helps maintain and mange the fleet vehicles

Not very long ago, I too was searching for top paying jobs that had good career potential. I was in your shoes. My situation was in another state, but your search for PA jobs in the power supply industry is similar because thousands of older employees across the United States are retiring. At first I thought a college degree was required to get a high salary and I knew I couldn’t afford the tuition. When I found out about this “secret niche” of jobs, I assumed that I wouldn’t “measure up” without a college degree. However, I discovered that the hiring process for one of the most common entry level positions was based on passing a POSS test . I figured that if I just prepared myself properly for the test, I could probably score higher than applicants who didn’t study. I was right, it definitely paid off.

After preparing for the test, I started to prepare for the job interview which is the final “hurdle”. It’s not really a hurdle at all if you research job interview questions and review job interview tips . Within a few weeks I got the job I wanted, and then got promoted within a year, which included a good pay raise. So no matter what anybody says, I know that there are top paying jobs and best careers in this industry, and the situation is similar for those looking for PA jobs.

I hope reading this gives you hope. I want you to experience success too. Check out information about the POSS test. Start your search for PA jobs in the power plant industry today. But if home based jobs are more to your liking, I’ve included some valuable information here at these links: work from home jobs or stay at home jobs .

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