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Despite the worker lay off nationwide, the power supply industry is facing a shortage of workers. Nearly half of those currently employed in power supply companies are baby boomers who are entering one of the greatest retirement trends in the United States…. a trend that will last for 10 years. And because we need power plants to generate the electricity we need to heat our homes, light our buildings, and run our technology, those retirees will need to be replaced once they leave.

(Learning about a POSS Test could give you an advantage in getting hired in this high paying industry.) Many power plant workers earn $85,000 per year (including overtime), which is twice the average salary of a typical American worker. And if you think you have to run machines and get down and dirty in this field, you’re wrong. While there are mechanical and operator positions, you mustn’t discount the fact that power plants need clerks, receptionists, payroll accountants, cleaning crews, meter readers, and more to run their business.

I developed this website to help you learn more about getting a job in the power supply industry because I believe this industry offers the best jobs that do not require college degrees. I also want to help you realize that you don’t need a fancy college degree or previous experience in this field to make more money and earn better benefits than most Americans. This website is a great place to start your Mississippi job search.

You see, I got started in this business just a few short years ago. Before I got in, I thought it would be difficult to get a position and move up in rank. But I was wrong. The fact is, if you take the short amount of time to learn a little bit about what power plant managers are looking for, your shot of landing one of these great Mississippi jobs isn’t some far-off dream.

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