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There is an industry that will lose nearly half of its employees due to baby boomers that are readying themselves for retirement, and that could mean there’s an opportunity out there with your name on it. High-paying Minnesota jobs that offer high pay, great benefits and long-term job security are the types of jobs that are being vacated by retirees.

Where can you find these jobs? Which are among the best jobs in the USA? In the power supply industry where many employees who do not have college degrees earn more than $80,000 per year. Unfortunately, many job seekers have no clue about how to enter this field, and that’s where this website can help.

You know that electricity is an important part of keeping our society running strong. We need heat, transportation, lighting, refrigeration, technology....you get the picture. We must have power plants to survive! And like I said, because so many workers are getting ready to retire from their power plant positions, there’s more doors opening than you might have thought. And unlike many industries that lay off employees during difficult economic times, layoffs are virtually unheard of in the electric power supply industry.

(Learning about a POSS Test could give you an advantage in getting hired in this high paying industry.) The average wage for Minnesota jobs is about $15 per hour. How about making twice that amount? That’s right, many power plant employees in Minnesota bring in nearly $30 hourly. And you don’t even need a college degree to make that kind of money.

Don’t want to work in coveralls and hard hats? Great, because you don’t have to. While many people have visions of hard labor and long hours in this business, there’s a wealth of opportunities that don’t require getting ‘dirty.’ Mechanical engineers and laborers are a vital part of the power supply business, but it takes a well-rounded workforce to get things done. From secretaries and bookkeepers, to mail clerks and janitors, power plants employ a variety of personnel that never need to see the inner workings.

When I got started in this industry, I thought it would be next to impossible to move up and make the kind of money I envisioned. But I learned that with preparation, hard work and a willingness to succeed, there’s a great potential to move up quickly and secure better pay and benefits than most Americans dream of.

How do I know about the great opportunities in this field? Well, I got started in this industry just a few short years ago. And while I thought it would be difficult to get in and move up, I was proven wrong. In less than a year, I moved up to a position that normally took nine years to get! And performance had little to do with my promotions....I simply moved up because baby boomers above me retired, and my only choice was to move up or move out.

That’s why I started this website. I want to help you get your foot in the door and tap into one of these Minnesota jobs that will pay you what you’re worth and give you the comfort in knowing you won’t be out of a job because of a recession or economic turmoil.

Explore the links on this site and see how you can prepare yourself for a solid, long-term track to success. Your search for Minnesota jobs starts by clicking here where you will find out more about how to increase your chance of getting high paying jobs with no college degree.

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