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The economy is currently in a tough spot. And it’s hard to see any end in sight. While many people are worried about losing their jobs—or having a hard time securing one, there is a market out there that’s perfect for you. Jobs that don’t require a college degree or previous experience, and pays in the range of $35K to $85K per year. These positions also offers great benefits and long-term potential, and can even satisfy those seeking jobs for teens. Where can you find these high-paying Illinois jobs? In the electrical power supply industry. . .where many positions that do not require college degrees pay up to $85,000 per year, including overtime.

You might be wondering why the power plant industry isn’t experiencing the same hit as most of the jobs out there. Well, power plants provide electricity. And electricity is at the heart of our infrastructure. Almost everything we need to survive (and thrive) depends on this vital resource—from manufacturing automobiles and running technology, to providing warmth in the winter and lighting up homes.

But there’s another reason that these Illinois jobs are opening up. And that is because almost half of all workers currently employed in power supply companies are baby boomers who are getting ready to retire—and will likely be out of the industry altogether within five to ten years. Plus, now that clean coal and nuclear energy are on the rise, there’s even more opportunity for you to step into this lucrative career.

(Learning about a POSS Test could give you an advantage in getting hired in this high paying industry.) Interested in learning how to increase your chances of getting hired? Or are you thinking, ‘I don’t want to run machines and work in a hard hat.’ You don’t have to! While lineman and mechanical workers are definitely an important part of an electrical company’s operations, you can also choose from more “traditional” positions like working in the payroll department, working in customer service, delivering company mail, reading meters, or janitorial and secretarial duties to name a few. So really, you have more options than you might have thought.

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My mission in developing this website is to help people like you—hard workers who didn’t go on to earn their college degree, but are still interested in Illinois careers that pay well. I want to give you tips on how to increase your chance to land one of these high paying jobs so you won’t have to worry about income, benefits, or job security after you secure.

When I first got started, I thought that it would be almost impossible to get into this business. But I found that I was wrong. With a little preparation and by reviewing some of the pages on this site, you’ll be prepared to seek out a good position and land an interview. Once hired, opportunities for promotions and transfers to other departments will become available as the baby boomers in this high-demand industry retire.

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