Florida Jobs Listed As Older Employees Retire, No College Degree Required.


Contrary to popular belief, high paying Florida jobs are anticipated throughout the next several years, and many will not require college degrees. FL jobs in the electrical power supply industry (the companies that produce and supply electricity to your home) such as equipment operators, bookkeepers, clerks, mechanics, boiler operators, customer service, meter readers, and truck drivers (to name a few) are becoming available as baby boomers in these positions are forced to retire due to old age.

Power plants are not where most people look for employment opportunities, but you just might change your mind after reading through this article.

Throughout the United States, electrical utility employees are often referred to as high paid employees. The pay scale for some of these power plant jobs range from $35K to $85K per year with overtime pay, and many positions are great jobs for teens .

If you are currently searching for high paying Florida Jobs in this well respected industry, it is important to know that unlike the past 25 to 30 years, employees in this industry are retiring, and/or are scheduled to step into retirement within the next few years as they reach the golden years of 55 to 65 years old. Opportunities to get these jobs in the USA were unavailable over the past few decades mainly because once someone “got in”, they never left. With excellent pay and benefits, a majority of the workforce stayed loyal to their company for 25 – 30 years….and now their age is forcing them to retire.

The rapid retirement rate (which is creating a shortage of qualified workers) is unfortunate for power plant officials. However, for those seeking entry level jobs, this means excellent employment opportunities. If you would like to increase your chances of getting hired to fill some of the upcoming high paying job openings for Florida careers, this website can definitely help. I started this site to share my experience of how I got hired in this industry, so others can do what I did and hopefully get a high paying job with no college degree in their own hometown.

An opening becomes available for every baby boomer who retires, and throughout Florida there are hundreds of employees who are over 55 years old. This website is to help job seekers increase their chances of getting hired. Follow the 6 STEPS as instructed on the high paying jobs homepage and you will be better informed about how to increase your chances of working in this high paying industry.

The electrical power supply industry is one of the most significant industries in the United States. It is their duty to ensure the transmission of electricity in every home and business. Their workforce is a vial part of the nations electrical grid.

With senior employees entering retirement a record pace, power plant industries are experiencing a worker shortage, and plant managers are planning ways to charter new workers into positions vacated by the exiting baby boomers. These high paying entry level jobs usually start at over $20 per hour, and after line of progression promotions can easily top $35. If you're interested in Florida careers at power plants you need to stay one step ahead of other applicants, and a POSS Test will help you get there. For me, passing the POSS Test was the best alternatives to college. I only practiced for two months to pass the test and I now earn over 80 thousand per year; a degree would have taken 2 years minimum with no assurance of a high paying job.

With news of baby boomers creating worker shortages in industries across the USA, now is your best chance to get your foot in the door as thousands of baby boomers head into retirement. Their decades of service in in Florida jobs is ending, giving opportunity to new applicants like you.

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