Colorado Jobs

Finding great Colorado jobs doesn’t have to be a mile high challenge.

The job market in Colorado, much like the landscape outside, is filled with peaks and valleys. Like an expert climber, you must know the lay of the terrain to accurately traverse it, and in employment terms this means focusing on high paying jobs that have the greatest opportunities for employment coupled with the smallest relative amount of competition.

So if you are in search of a high paying Colorado job that does not require a college degree, keep in mind that this website was started to help job seekers operate on this principle like I did.

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That’s how I got hired into a high paying industry right around the corner from my home. So whether you’re looking for jobs for teens, just got laid off in these bad economic times, or you have years of employment behind you and are simply contemplating a career change, keep reading.

I’m here to share one of these fields of employment with you, an exciting and challenging field that offers great job security, a rewarding work environment, and opportunities for advancement.. and that's just to name a few benefits! I’m also going to share with you information on the POSS Test, an assessment tool used to help employers and future employees alike determine the best fit within the industry for potential applicants.

The POSS Test is a broad test, covering basic areas such as English, Math, and the understanding of technical and mechanical concepts. How well you do in this test will greatly influence your potential for employment, and through my site I’ll share tips and advice on taking these tests and maximizing your chances for attaining jobs in Colorado.

This industry features many positions, and there’s surely a position of interest out there for just about anyone. It’s a competitive but often overlooked industry in the Colorado job market, making it ideal for both young adults fresh out of school, and experienced workers looking for that next challenge. Positions include:

• Payroll Clerks

• Janitors

• Lineman

• Meter Mechanics

• Meter Readers

• Secretaries

• Boiler Operators

See list of jobs you can get without college at Colorado electric utility companies.

While looking for employment opportunities throughout the greater Denver or Colorado Springs area, you may want to consider taking a few classes at accredited online colleges that specialize in power generation. With the advancement and popularity of renewable energy, accredited online colleges have added specialized courses to help applicants enter the industry with more knowledge and confidence. Although many electric utility companies don't require college courses, listing them on your resume may give you an edge in getting hired. Click on the previous online college link, or visit for more information.

It was my own recent experiences within this industry of power plant jobs that convinced me to start my web portal and help others gain entry to this field. I was floating through life, taking on odd jobs in hopes that eventually, I would find something worth grasping onto. When I entered this field, I had no higher education and a work history of only low-paying-dead-end-jobs. However, by taking the time to familiarize myself with the industry and the POSS Test, I was able to get my start in the industry and have never looked back.

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I went from working jobs hovering just above the minimum wage only weeks prior to getting started in this field, to working high paying jobs and making a very competitive salary, and as I’ve moved up through the ranks since, my wages have increased greatly as well, just as my peace of mind. I feel excited about my future now and look forward to going into work every day, and I owe it all to my short time in this industry.

Please visit my site to learn more and read up on how you too can find great Colorado jobs like the ones above, and learn the interviewing techniques and knowledge that can greatly increase your chance of getting hired in this industry of high paying jobs.

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