Great Bay Area Jobs You Need to Know About!

Are you looking for Bay Area jobs that pay well? Just over a year ago, so was I. Sitting at home, searching the Internet for a good paying job for where I live. I started searching the Monster Jobs website for “high paying job”, but after days of searching I had nothing to show for it. I didn’t have any better luck at Yahoo Hot Jobs, - just a lot more of the empty promises leading to the same dead-end low paying jobs.

The right job opportunity seemed to require a college degree, and I was incredibly close to giving up. However, one small little thing can change your entire outlook and set you off in a new direction! In my case, I was lucky to discover an industry that offered high paying jobs without a college degree, and they were actively hiring because of a worker shortage .

SBI work at home jobs link

Paydirt! The industry was the power plant industry, which didn’t really mean much to me, but what got me interested were the words “without a college degree”. Why would employers create these great opportunities and not require a college degree? I was curious…

It turns out that instead of hiring people based on their academic credentials; these employers just want to know a person’s skills and aptitude. So they have a test they all use, called a POSS test that tells them what they need to know. You can see a sample POSS test here .

I assumed the test would be difficult, but as I found out, the test wasn’t very hard if you prepare yourself by practicing. And I am the type of person who is terrible at test taking. But I passed it with a bit of studying, and you can too, especially with the help of this site that I created specifically for people like you who want to have a career in a high paying industry that

does not require a college degree.

If you are wondering why these high paying jobs in the bay area are available and still not filled, here’s why:

• Electricity usage has never been higher as the population of California increases dramatically. The “Bay Area” just keeps getting bigger! So power plants must constantly fill Bay area jobs as older employees vacate them.

• Many new plants are needed to keep up with the pace of new construction that brings commercial and residential development to the area, and with new plants come power plant jobs and power plant careers.

• Utility companies have to keep using and upgrading all of their existing sites and power plants because environmental permits for new sites are hard to get, especially in California

• Despite the great pay and benefits of these Bay Area jobs, age dictate that the oldest and most experienced utility company employees have to retire. Can you imagine 70 year-olds climbing electrical towers and poles?

Here is a sampling of the high paying Bay Area jobs available in this industries:

1. Meter Mechanic

2. Boiler Operator

3. Vehicle Attendant

4. Secretary

5. Heavy Equipment Operator

6. Meter Reader

7. Payroll Clerk

8. Operator Helper

9. Lineman

10. Janitor

And now that you know some of what’s available, here is how to land one of these great Bay Area jobs in three easy steps:

Step One: Go to the high paying jobs homepage by clicking here .

Step Two: Prepare for and pass a POSS test , which this site can help you do with the POSS test practice sets available here.

Step Three: Prepare for a job interview. Take the time to research job interview questions and some job interview tips

Those are the basic steps to get one step closer to high paying California jobs . Just gather the facts and details you need, make a firm intention to land one of these great high paying jobs, and follow the three steps.

If you are ready now and want to begin the process to get you closer to being hired for bay area jobs, click here to get to the homepage .

Work from home jobs or stay at home jobs are also available to you if the idea of working from home (and your pajamas!) interests you.