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Are you looking for the best paying Atlanta jobs on the market?

It’s no secret that the market is in a great deal of upheaval right now. Companies and industries are unsure of how to play their hand in the current economic environment, and many are trimming the fat wherever possible. But even throughout the turmoil there are high paying jobs if you just know where to look.

Regardless of the condition that the economy is in, there are always industries that experience highs and lows, and go through varying levels of stability. By focusing on the right industry at the right time, you can snag the Atlanta jobs that other people may not even be considering. This site is devoted to one such industry, an industry that always has a demand for workers, even when times are rough. Now more than ever, this industry is in desperate need of workers, as baby boomers continue to retire in huge numbers, leaving behind vacant power plant jobs they had manned for 20, 30, and even 40 years.

I just recently got started in this industry myself (2 years ago), and one of the best pieces of advice I will share with you through this site is the importance of the POSS Test . This test covers a broad spectrum of skills, and passing this test is one of the first steps for gaining entry to this field. I’ll show you what you can expect from this test and how to approach each section of it. Like anything else in life, with practice it is not difficult. So whether you are in search of Atlanta jobs for teens , or an experienced worker pondering a change of career, keep on reading.

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Positions within this industry are also quite varied, such as:

• Turbine Operators

• Meter Readers

• Secretaries

• Lineman

• Meter Mechanics

• Janitors

• Payroll Clerks

While this industry can be easy to enter, there’s also plenty of room for advancement, and the potential for acquiring high paying jobs in the future is in fact very real. With no college or university education, I entered this industry just over two years ago and have since been promoted to a position that pays me very well, in fact much more than I realistically could’ve hoped for. In these bad economic times I feel grateful to have job security and benefits.

In addition to training for the POSS Test, I’ll also share some great interview tips with you which will help you towards landing a great job in this exciting industry.

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