Alabama Jobs And Employment Opportunites Available as Baby Boomers
Retire In Record Numbers

Are you searching for some of the highest paying Alabama jobs without college? Or looking for entry level jobs for teens with no experience?

Hunting for jobs in Alabama without a degree can be extremely frustrating with dead end sites, but this website can help you find what you're looking for. Sure, the economy is still in a rough patch. Americans are nervous about pending job losses and shrinking salaries. But did you know that even if you’re new to the workforce, and even if you are without a college degree, there’s a strong market out there that currently employs a high percentage of baby boomers...and that spells
opportunity for those seeking high paying Alabama jobs without college.

I’m talking about the power supply industry where hundreds of older employees are retiring, and their exit opens up entry level power plant jobs and power plant careers. It is a great place to find non-traditional jobs, and if you haven't seriously considered this industry before, maybe it's time you do.

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High paying jobs with no college degree ad

That’s right, some of the best Alabama jobs don’t require degrees and no experience is needed to get in. That's right...high paying jobs with no college, and experience is not necessary. And you don’t have to run machinery or work in tough physical environments if that’s not what you’re after. Why? Because power plants—which provide the electricity we need to run this country—offer a variety of power plant jobs in Alabama.

(Learning about a POSS Test could give you an advantage in getting hired in this high paying industry.)

During your Alabama job search, learn about opportunities to be employed as a customer service representative, a mail clerk, a meter reader, a boiler operator, or one of many other jobs that are common within a electric power supply company and is offered to those job seekers without a degree.

Visit the homepage for more information. And it gets better. Did you know that many electric supply workers without college degrees earn over $50,000 a year? That’s pretty good (really good) compared to the average salary of $32,000 in Alabama. And to make it even more appealing, you can earn that kind of income without a college degree. So keep a positive mindset and take advantage of tips and advice throughout this website on how to increase your chances of getting one of those Alabama jobs.

But how can you get in? If the pay is so good, then why would people leave their high paying jobs? Well, the fact of the matter is a high percentage of the current power supply workers are baby boomers who have started retiring, and the retiring/hiring trend will continue throughout the next 10 years. And these Alabama jobs aren’t going anywhere; we need power plants—and the people who run them—to thrive. Just a few short years ago, I was looking for power plant employment without a degree.

I was a little hesitant, because I assumed it would be tough to get in with no experience. However, after realizing that power plant managers are simply looking for hard-working individuals who have spent a little time preparing, I realized it wouldn't be as difficult as I thought to land a power plant position. In fact, within 11 months, I moved up in rank to a position that used to take on average over 7 years to attain.

And my moving up had little to do with my was simply because employees above me were retiring and I was required to move up.

That’s why I started this help people like you learn the ropes so you too can increase your chances of getting into this highly respected field and earn the salary you might have never thought you could. Even if you're just out of high school and looking for jobs for teenagers .


Or maybe you got laid of from government jobs , or construction jobs ? It doesn't matter. Just browse through this entire site to get valuable tips on how you can increase your chances of getting one of the high paying Alabama jobs in this industry where no experience is needed. To help you decide if you’re ready to jump into the power plant business without a college degree, continue your search for Alabama jobs by clicking here.